performance appraisals

Finally. A simple performance management tool.

Performance management tools should be fast & simple, so you can focus on what matters most:
helping people excel.

Custom Feedback Appraisal Form

Whether it's punctuality, innovation, or teamwork, Quaffle adapts to what matters most to you. This way your assessments are relevant, targeted, and aligned with your organisational culture.

Define what you measure, from creativity to client satisfaction.

Create metrics for various roles, from technical skills to soft skills.

Easily adapt to changing team dynamics and company goals.

Update and modify categories as your business needs evolve.


Quaffle empowers each team member to independently initiate and manage feedback. This significantly reduces the administrative burden on HR teams, making the feedback process more dynamic, participatory, and less reliant on HR-driven processes.

Minimize HR’s manual tasks, focusing their efforts on strategic initiatives.

Encourage ongoing dialogue for consistent growth & development.

Empower individuals to seek and give feedback at their own pace.

Foster a collaborative environment with active team member participation.

Performance Reporting & Insights

Quaffle provides HR teams with insightful metrics and data-driven reports, enabling a deeper understanding of team dynamics, performance trends, and feedback effectiveness. Make informed decisions with ease and track the impact of your HR initiatives through visual dashboards and customizable reports.

Transform feedback data into strategic action plans.

Visualize team dynamics and track progress over time.

Generate tailored reports to meet diverse analytical needs.

Leverage robust data to guide HR strategies and interventions.

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