Employee appraisals made simple.

Quaffle is the world's fastest & simplest employee appraisal tool. Request, Share, Improve.


12 default feedback categories

Effortlessly start with a versatile range of default appraisal categories.

Create appraisal templates

Personalise your perfomance appraisal form by adding unique feedback categories.

Create teams & roles (coming soon!)

Enhanced structure for targeted feedback and efficient management.


Real-time Performance Feedback

Capture instant performance insights, ensuring timely and relevant responses.

Anonymous Employee Surveys

Gather honest and candid feedback while maintaining employee privacy.

Interactive Performance Dashboard

Visualise performance trends & employee sentiments via Quaffle Admin.


Document & share your experience

Set and track progress on individual and team goals, aligning feedback with tangible outcomes.

Highlight areas of improvement

Gain a clear picture of performance levels with data-driven insights, helping in targeted coaching.

Provide coaching to others

Transform feedback into concrete steps with our actionable advice feature, guiding effective coaching.


Analyse your performance

Track the growth journey of your team with intuitive tools.

Recognition System

Celebrate achievements and milestones in a way that motivates and rewards.

Personalised Development

Personalised development plans based on feedback, fostering professional growth.

Why HR Professionals Love Quaffle

How Does Quaffle Compare With Others?

Transform your annual performance reviews into an ongoing, self-running task that saves you an hour a day.


Hard to Implement
Often complex to set up, requiring significant time and resources.
Complex to Use
Typically feature-heavy, which can be overwhelming for users.
One Size Fits All
Limited customisation options; often one-size-fits-all.
Generally more expensive with pricing models suited for larger enterprises
Limited Integration
Integration capabilities can be limited or require additional configuration.
Simple Implementation
Get set-up in <1min.
Easy to Use
An interface focused on simplicity and ease of use.
Make it Your Own
Highly customisable to fit specific team needs and dynamics. We even build new features for Enterprise users.
Extremely affordable at $3.99 per user/month, ideal for SMEs.
Available Add-Ons & Integrations
Seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack, enhancing workflow efficiency. For organisations with >150 users, we build integrations entirely free-of-charge.
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