About Quaffle

"People are our most important asset"

How often have we heard that before? In our experience, most companies struggle to empower their own employees because training, coaching & providing constructive feedback is difficult and time-consuming.

We're here to change that.

About Quaffle

Our Mission

Quaffle was founded with the belief that there must be a better, faster and cheaper way for HR teams to help teams improve.

Top performers deserve recognition and ongoing training to develop better leadership and managerial skills. Struggling employees deserve customised improvement plans and coaching from their managers and peers alike.

We think if companies unlock their team's full potential, not only do they yield better results, but they deliver a happier and better workplace for all.

💸  Top-Tier Compensation

We believe compensation should match top performance.

🧘🏻 7 weeks annual leave

We believe it's a marathon, not a sprint.

📚  $5,000 For Learning

We believe life is a never-ending lesson.

✈️  Live & Work Anywhere

We're a global company - we don't care where you're based.

Values we live by
🔂  Automate to Create

We reduce manual work so we can focus on creativity.

😃  Feedback Drives Change

We believe in learning from feedback to improve.

✨  Software = Magic

We believe software should always feel like magic.

❤️  Create Impact

We build products and solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Join our growing team

A Global Team
for a Global Challenge

With a global headquarter in Singapore and a regional one in Paris, France, we're a company with a global outlook that's helping HR teams across the world empower their staff like never before.

There are no available job openings at the moment. Stay tuned for future openings here or on LinkedIn.
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