Say hello to CoachGPT.

Backed by OpenAI, CoachGPT is your company's virtual coach, accessible by your entire team via WhatsApp.

Converse. Share. Request. Learn. Improve.


What is CoachGPT?

CoachGPT is the virtual coach that accompanies you and your team on Quaffle. Simply start a conversation with your Coach on WhatsApp and ask it for advice - for example ways to improve based on the feedback you've received or a more constructive way to provide difficult feedback to someone.

How is CoachGPT different from Quaffle?

CoachGPT is built on top of Quaffle - so you can share, request, analyse and learn from feedback all by simply asking your Coach questions on WhatsApp.

Why should I use CoachGPT?

Automated feedback reminders, weekly reviews, year-end summaries, constructive brainstorming and training sessions based on your company's own values, training materials and your own personal goals - all this and much more is now automated through your virtual coach.

When is CoachGPT launching?

Q3 2024 - join the waitlist and we'll be in touch.