January 8, 2024
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Top Collaboration and Engagement Tools for 2024: Why Quaffle is Leading the Charge

Rachel Wong
Engagement Strategist

When it comes to performance management and employee performance reviews in general, most companies get stuck.

When your business employes 5, 10 or perhaps 15 employees, there's no real need for structured annual appraisals or performance review meetings - the feedback is passed from one person to another quite organically, which is great!

But what happens if your organisation keeps growing and now crosses that threshold of 25 or 30 employees? Well, now we're playing a different kind of game, one that requires a different level of organisational structure and reporting. That's important, so that everyone feels like they're rowing in tandem, and like they're able to progress effectively. Your employees will want to see reporting lines, individual, team and company-level growth targets, as well as have a direct line of communication to someone who can guide and coach them (especially if they're junior team members).

The Problem: Most Employee Evaluation Tools are Clunky

That's right, I said it. But it's true - most tools out there just don't work well for organisations that have 20 to 80 or 100 employees. These companies don't have the same budget, team size or structural requirements for a huge HR department that can take care of everyone's needs 24/7.

Perhaps there's a HR Lead, who's also forced (more or less) to wear the hat of Office Manager, Assistant to the CEO and all of the HR functions bundled into one: training, recruitment, progression, admin, payroll, leave & absence management - you name it!

And for those types of teams, products like Workday, BambooHR and Lattice might be a little much to handle - there are only 24 hours in a day, and HR leaders are often put into the difficult position of having to juggle more than their fair share.

Why Quaffle is a Game-Changer for Modern Teams

All of this is why we decided to approach performance management differently. We wanted a performance management tool that would help companies maintain a competitive advantage by fostering a productive, engaged workforce. We wanted something that's super fast, extremely intuitive, simple and user-friendly - even for companies that have a huge part of their workforce in the retail segment.

So that's what we did: we built Quaffle as a new performance management platform that distinguishes itself by combining usability, speed, and security.

Essential Features of a Superior Collaboration Tool

1. User-Friendly Interface: Quaffle’s interface is crafted to ensure ease of use, making it accessible for team members of all tech levels. We've made it mobile-optimised but browser-based, meaning anyone can use it on their phones, without having to download anything.

2. Rapid Deployment: Quick setup and easy integration with existing systems minimize disruptions and accelerate the adoption process. Quaffle's performance appraisal form plugs into any email vendor, as well as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Discord.

3. Enhanced Security: Forget passwords (pun intended) and simply login to Quaffle using your email or phone number. This secure yet straightforward access method reduces the common frustrations associated with password and email user management (again, ideal for retail environments).

Comprehensive Review of Quaffle’s Capabilities

Quaffle particularly emphasizes simplicity. It's true that the features on the platform aren't as advanced as those found on several other employee performance management tools, like Lattice, 15Five or BambooHR - but Quaffle makes up for it by streamlining certain features down to the point where they are ultra-efficient.

The focus is on less is more - and that goes for pretty much everything found on the Quaffle platform. Let's be honest, who even uses 80% of the customisation, analytics and reporting features, matrices and tables? For most organisations, especially small to medium-sized ones, those functions are simply overkill.

For teams ranging from 20 to 80 members, Quaffle provides a suite of features that enhance communication, project management, and overall team collaboration without having to sacrifice usability and simplicity.

Key Features

- Agile Task Management: Users can easily organize, prioritize, and track tasks, making it simple to manage daily activities and long-term projects.

- Real-Time Updates: Instant notifications and updates ensure that all team members are on the same page, reducing miscommunications and delays.

- Custom Integration Needs: Some teams might require additional customization to integrate Quaffle seamlessly with their specific tools and workflows.


- Base Plan: free of charge, forever and for any team size!

- Quaffle Plus: $3.99 per user per month - upgrade, downgrade and cancel anytime.

Ratings and Reviews

- G2: 4/5 (full profile found here)

- SaaSHub: 5/5 (full profile found here)

In-Depth Analysis of Quaffle's Unique Advantages

Scalability and Flexibility

Quaffle is designed to grow with your business. Its scalable architecture makes it easy to add new users and integrate additional functionalities as your organization expands.

Security and Compliance

Adhering to the latest security protocols and compliance standards, Quaffle ensures that your data is protected and that your business meets regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

With 24/7 customer support and a comprehensive resource library, Quaffle ensures that your team has the tools and knowledge needed to maximize productivity.

Why Choose Quaffle? The Simplest Performance Management Tool

Long story short: if you're looking for ways to digitise employee performance appraisals, but need something that isn't going to be complicated to use or break the bank - we think Quaffle is an excellent option for your team.

You can find out more about Quaffle's features by visiting our Product Overview.

Also, interested in finding out more over a live demo call instead? No problem, book a call with us and we'll be happy to help answer any of your questions!

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